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Title: “Making Waves”
Pairing: Demi Lovato/Selena Gomez
Rating: NC-17, smut
Words: ~2200
Disclaimer: This is a work of art, not intended for profit or offense. I own no rights to the subjects.
prompt: colorwithme prompt, Hot summer day, no a/c, the girls find an alternate way to "cool off". Bonus points for pool/beach sex.
Note: I had this whole thing outlined like, months ago. Then forgot about it. Lawlz.

It’s a scorcher out there today, Los Angeles! Demi thinks in her best overly enthusiastic weatherman voice as she sucks on an ice cube from her blue cup, laying stretched out on the carpet. Her eyes rake over her girlfriend as she reclines against the side of her bed, futilely fanning herself with her limp hand. A/C’s broken, of course, so they’re trying to abate the heat in anyway they can think of on one of their rare days off together. The sound of the looping Friends theme on the DVD menu screen flits through the stifling room, but neither girl can concentrate on pushing play.

Despite the heat of the afternoon, Demi can’t help but listen to the devilish thought that invades her brain at the sight of Selena wafting her shirt back and forth, briefly exposing her cleavage to the hot air. Crawling over to Selena, Demi picks up an ice cube with her fingers and starts licking it, her eyes boring into Selena’s. Selena’s eyes convey amusement and slight confusion, before they widen in horror as Demi lunges, grabbing Selena’s shirt and thrusting the cold ice down her front.

“DEMI! Wha-what was that?! Why’d you - !! Heeey!”

Demi laughs mischievously as Selena struggles to shake out her shirt, shifting to her knees and bouncing her chest up and down, stretching her shirt out in front of her. Demi’s rewarded with a beautiful view down Selena’s pale, slightly damp chest. But Selena catches her lecherous gaze this time and frowns deeply. She grabs an ice cube from her own pink cup and shuffles over to Demi on her knees, fist raised menacingly.

Demi falls back on her palms and retreats as fast as she can, still laughing like a naughty child. But Selena tackles her, Demi falling on her back with an “oof!” Demi captures Selena’s wrist as she is pinned between the older girl’s legs, “You’re such a bad kid!”
Demi grins up at Selena, bringing her face closer, and taunts, “You love it! It’s your kink! You’re the naughty one!”

Selena loses her ice cube in the struggle – it slips to the floor a couple feet away. The girls share a challenging glare in the tense moment, before Demi thrusts her hips up violently to dislodge Selena. They scramble across the white carpet toward the cube, pulling and pushing the other girl away from the instrument of impromptu torture. If Demi wasn’t in the heat of competition, she’d crack up at how ridiculous they must look, crawling around Selena’s bedroom chasing a runaway ice cube.

Demi reaches it first, covers it with her fist and throws herself on top of it for protection. Selena jumps on her back and begins pounding, “Deeeemi! It’s too hot for this! And give it back!”

Demi doesn’t answer, but flips around in a flash and clambers on top of Selena. Without thinking, she stuffs the ice cube down the closest article of Selena’s clothing – her pants.

Selena stops struggling and groans, falling back on her palms, her legs falling open with Demi’s hand snug in her jeans, the ice cube spreading cool over a hot expanse of skin. Demi’s eyes go wide and her mouth goes slack. The ice cube slips from her fingers as she pulls her hand out and scoots away, embarrassed and shocked. Selena struggles frantically to rid the cold ice from her panties, finally grabbing it and tossing it to the side, then looks at Demi shyly while swiping her messy hair out of her eyes and behind her ear. The red in her cheeks is a result of something other than the heat.

The room is quiet for a few seconds except for the girl’s trying to get their labored breaths under control. It’s not like they haven’t… explored each other… or anything. But this was something different… Selena finally sits up straighter and clears her throat.

“It’s ah – it’s really hot. Wish we could go swimming.”

Demi sighs and looks out the window, then mutters “Yeah… That’d be nice… cool off…”

Her eyes squint in the glare of the sun bouncing off the houses. Demi spies the neighbor’s pool just two houses over, sparkling in that refreshing way that other people’s pools just do. Demi regains her devilish smile again.

“So, it’s a busy work day, right? Kids at school, parents at their jobs?” She tilts her head and glances behind her at Selena, her eyes glinting with mischief.

“Yeah, I guess… But I don’t - ”

“- And it’s such a perfect day for a dip, wouldn’t you say?” Demi sits facing Selena, her growing excitement evident in her features, earlier embarrassment forgotten.

Selena frowns slightly, pushing her hair away from her sweaty forehead. “…Demi… I know what you’re thinking...”

“Selena, I think it’s time you start ignoring how grown up you are supposed to be and act 17 for a change.”

Demi stands up and walks to Selena’s dresser to sift through bikinis. She tosses a nice floral Roxy design at Selena and chooses a simple black and blue Hurley for herself. It’s been decided, and Selena finds it hard to refuse her girlfriend when she’s this excited.

They sneak over clad in their bikinis and short shorts. Demi lifts Selena up over a head high wall, then clambers up after her. In a comically stealthy way, they move to peek into the glass door, checking to see if anyone’s home.

Selena runs around to check and see if there are cars in the driveway, just to be safe, while Demi rolls her eyes and undresses down to her bikini. Selena returns and smiles, “Demi, we are officially alone in someone else’s fancy backyard.” And before she can say anything else, Demi pounces, struggling to rid Selena of her shorts, while Selena laughs and hits her in the shoulders and arms.

Demi shuffles them over to the edge of the pool and as soon as Selena’s shorts hit her ankles, she dips down and lifts Selena up by her waist so that the girl can only kick and scream at the indecent act while gripping Demi’s head tightly to her chest. Demi falls gracefully backwards into the pool, before their laughs and screams are swallowed by the cool refreshing water.

Selena is intent on payback, and continues ruthlessly beating on Demi under the water. Demi kicks off from the bottom to gain distance, inciting a chase. The girls laugh raucously as though no one can hear them, burning this afternoon into their memories. Eventually the chase slows and Selena encircles Demi in her arms, gently floating in the shallow end, her eyes seeing only the girl in front of her.

Selena lifts herself up to Demi’s waist, wrapping her legs around her smooth skin, and kisses her sweetly. Her hands trace the side of Demi’s face and neck as Demi’s thumbs rub circles in the small of Selena’s back. Demi is traipsing along the pool floor in circles, spinning the two of them slowly. Deepening the kiss, Selena pulls Demi’s head closer to her, moving her head slowly from side to side, opening her mouth wide.

Demi is the first to break away, not for breath, but to suck and kiss Selena’s wet neck, brushing away dripping strands of shoulder length black hair with her nose. Selena makes a noise reminiscent of the one earlier in her bedroom, but this time neither girl shies away. Demi is only more encouraged and nips at her pulse point as Selena tangles her fingers in Demi’s hair.

Demi kisses a trail up Selena’s jaw, to chew at her earlobe before crashing back to her lips. Selena lifts herself in a heaving breath through her nose, then grinds her hips down on Demi’s waist, causing the girl to stumble slightly. Rolling her hips, Selena brings her chest closer to Demi, trying to feel as much skin as she can. The rhythm Selena picks up is slow and languid, but their kisses are fast and heated.

After having her eyes closed for so long, Demi’s vision is colored blue as she blinks away the glare of the sunlight reflecting off the water and Selena’s skin. She breaks the kiss again to busy her lips with Selena’s smooth chest exposed by her bikini top. Selena head falls back – but snaps back up when she feels Demi’s wandering fingers tug at her bikini string.

Breathless, she pulls Demi’s face up to look at her. Demi looks like a guilty child who has just been caught playing ball in the hallway. “…so…is that a ‘no’?”

Selena’s gasping admonition dies in her throat. …It’s not like anyone is home… They were making all that noise earlier too, and no one stopped them…

For good measure, Selena narrows her eyes and feigns offence, but the corners of her mouth turn up in a smirk as she reaches behind her neck to untie the bikini herself. Demi, in keeping with the child persona, looks like she’s been granted recess on the biggest and best playground in the state. “Have fun,” Selena remarks.

The Roxy top floats away on ripples as Demi moves to appreciate Selena’s fully exposed chest. Her skin is porcelain pale in the bright sunlight, but her mole is like a beacon to Demi, calling for attention. The taste of chlorine doesn’t hinder Demi in lapping at her girlfriend’s skin. Selena drags her fingernails along Demi’s back when her right breast is embrace by Demi’s full lips. Her fingers find the knot at the back of Demi’s neck and tug, releasing Demi from her bikini as well. Selena flings the black and blue top away and cradles Demi’s head in her hands.

The minutes pass by and hormones charge. Selena’s rolling hips are stronger now and more insistent. Demi frees a hand from holding up her girlfriend and uses it to explore Selena’s contracting stomach muscles, wandering ever further south. She plays with the elastic of Selena’s bikini bottoms, testing the waters, so to speak. Selena arches into the touch, but Demi is still hesitant; she doesn’t wanna get in trouble again.

Selena roughly pushes her hips down again, breathlessly whispering, “I’m acting 17, Demi, just go with it already!”

Demi grins around the nipple she has lightly clamped between her teeth and lets her fingers dip beneath nylon and spandex to play in curls. Demi adjusts Selena against her hip and fits her hand snugly between them. Selena stills as Demi’s middle finger stretches along her folds teasingly. The tightness in Selena’s abdomen mixed with the feeling of her insides floating in the lulling wake of the pool is an odd mix. She gasps appreciatively when Demi slides her middle finger in, pushing gently and stretching, her thumb grazing Selena’s clit intermittently.

When Demi’s lips are trailing across the valley of Selena’s breasts and her fingers are enthusiastically working against her, it’s hard for Selena to tell if the white spots she sees behind her eyelids are from the hot sun or from something else.

When Demi slides in a second finger and begins to pump stronger, Selena groans loudly and begins rolling her body again. Demi kisses up to Selena’s neck again as her heaving chest brushes against Demi’s neck and clavicle. Demi gets lost in the erotic scene of her girlfriend writhing against her. Her muscles begin to ache from supporting Selena for so long, and her right bicep burns as her hand hands rocks furiously, trying to release Selena from the wave she’s built up.

The wave peaks and crashes, and Selena gets sucked up into the rushing waters, tumbling over the falls and collapsing against her support. She’s a little dizzy and breathless, and it’s hard to differentiate the sun from its shining reflections around her.

Demi kisses her neck sweetly as she walks them over to the pool stairs, where she sits tiredly. Selena recovers by gently rubbing her face against Demi’s shoulders. She purses her lips together and mutters a muffled, “We’ve just soiled someone’s pool.”

Demi chuckles, “Soiled? I don’t think that’s the right word. Used it properly? That could work.” She brushes Selena’s short hair away from her face.

“I really don’t think that constitutes a ‘proper’ way to use a swimming pool.”

“It should be, ‘cuz it was awesome! And besides… they’ll never know,” Demi whispers to Selena’s ear before lifting Selena off her by her hips.

She steps out of the pool dripping, topless, and bends over to wring out her long hair. Selena is on her knees on the stairs still, taking in the sight. Demi cocks an eyebrow and shoots a glance behind Selena, “Think you can grab our tops, babe?” Selena turns lazily behind her and spots the two bikini tops floating listlessly in the shimmering water. She swims out to them and then climbs out, wringing them of water. She flings her floral top at Demi. “You wear that one.”

“Mix and match, eh? I like,” Demi comments as she ties on the top, while Selena ties on the Hurley. They slip on their shorts and walk to the edge of the backyard.

“For now. We’re gonna switch the bottoms when we get back home.” Selena is nonchalant and flips her wet hair as she turns. Demi trots up quickly behind her, “yeah?”

As Selena reaches up to climb the high wall again, she glances over her shoulder seductively.

“Yeah. I’ve got an idea involving ice cubes.”

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